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Difference in Proportions Test

The Difference in Proportions Test for Two Proportions Calculator allows you to test for a statistically significant difference between two proportions drawn from independent samples.

For example, if 85% of Americans in the north are online and 77% of Americans in the south are online is that difference real or the result of random chance?

To determine if the difference is significant follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the sample size for each of the independent groups.
  2. Plug in the proportions that you wish to test.
  3. Select a confidence level.
  4. Click on Calculate.

Note: this procedure can be validly employed only if both samples satisfy the standard binomial requierement that n*p and n(1-p) must both be equal to or greater than 5, where n=samples size and p=percentage.

Sample 1
Total sample size from population #1.
Sample 2
Total sample size from population #2.
Percentage 1
First percentage for comparison
(60% would be entered as 60 not .60).
Percentage 2
Second percentage for comparison
(60% would be entered as 60 not .60).
Confidence Level (choose one)


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